Wednesday, 18 September 2013

泰国九层塔辣春卷 ~ Spicy basil spring rolls ( Poh Peah Kra Praw Woon Sen )





食谱取自 :泰正宗了 pg 25


春卷皮        12
浸过的冬粉   1
鸡肉碎         1
泰国九层塔   1
小辣椒碎      1汤匙
蒜茸             1汤匙
冬菇片          1/2
包菜丝          1
萝卜丝          1
食油             3汤匙
蚝油             2汤匙
酱青             2汤匙
鸡高汤或清水   2汤匙

蛋白              1
炸春卷的食油     适量






** 鸡肉碎可以其他材料代替,如蟹肉,猪肉碎或豆腐碎都可以.


Recipe source : Thai @ home   pg 25

 Spicy basil spring rolls ( Poh Peah Kra Praw Woon Sen )

Ingredients :
Spring roll wrappers  12pcs
Soaked glass noodle    1cup
Minced chicken          1cup
Thai basil                    1cup
Chopped bird ‘s eye chilli       1tbsp 
Chopped garlic            1tbsp
Sliced Chinese mushroom       1/2cup
Shredded cabbage        1cup
Shredded carrot           1cup
Cooking oil                   3tbsp
Oyster sauce                2tbsp
Light soy sauce            2tbsp
Sugar                           2tsp
Chicken stock or water      2tbsp

Egg white                     1
Cooking oil for deep fry


Method :

1.  Mix glass noodle, minced chicken , chinese mushroom , cabbage , carrot , oyster sauce ,soy sauce and sugar together and mix well .

2.  Fry the garlic and chillies until golden brown and fragrant , add in glass noodle mixture and water . Stir until becomes fairly dry , then add Thai basil , remove and leave to cool .

3.  Spread a spring roll sheet on a flat surface , place 2tbsp of the filling in the center , fold both sides of the sheet to cover the filling and roll it up tightly , seal the wrapper with egg whites .

4. Heat up cooking oil in a wok over medium low heat . Deep-fry spring rolls in hot oil until crispy and golden brown . Remove and drain on an absorbent paper . Serve with chilli sauce .

** Chicken can be replaced by other ingredients to suit your taste such as crab meat , minced pork or chopped tofu .