Thursday, 31 October 2013

意式海鲜炖饭 ~ Seafood risotto

Risotto 是传统的意大利米饭,它的做法在意大利是最为常见的做米饭方法。这个饭里面可以加入各种食材,肉、海鲜、蘑菇、蔬菜,什么都可以,就像我们的炒饭一样,自由发挥,不同的搭配就可以把这个饭做成千变万化的.和许多意大利料理一样 ,只需些简单的食材,即能传达出深厚的味道 !

白饭   250g
冷冻综合海鲜  150g ( 我用鱿鱼和虾 )
洋葱   1/4 切碎
黄瓜 ( zucchini ) 半条, 切丁 我用本地黄瓜
甜椒 / 灯笼椒   1/2 ,切丁
蒜头  1 切碎
番茄酱   2
白酒  50 ml



1 热炒锅,倒入适量的橄榄油,将洋葱炒至透明后,加入黄瓜和甜椒丁翻炒。倒入番茄酱,白酒,水和蒜茸。加盖以中小火煮约8分钟。


** 也可以直接用生米。因为正统的意式炖饭是以生米煮成饭。

Risotto is a class of Italian rice dishes cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth may be meat-, fish-, or vegetable-based. Many types of risotto contain butter, wine and onion. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.Risotto is normally a primo (first course), served on its own before the main course .Risotto can be made using many kinds of broth - vegetable, meat, fish, seafood and legumes, and different types of wine may be used


Seafood risotto

Ingredients :
cooked rice  250g
seafood     150g  ( I used squid and shrimp )
1/4  onion  , chopped
1/2 zucchini  , cubed
1/2 sweet red pepper , cubed
1 clove garlic , chopped
tomato paste / puree  2cups
white wine 50ml
water  80ml
cheese powder
olive oil

Seasoning :
salt and pepper

Method :

1. Heat up a pan with some olive oil , fry chopped onion and until fragrant . Add in zucchini and sweet red pepper . Stir well . Add tomato paste /puree , white wine , water and chopped garlic . Put the cover on and cook for 8 minutes ( medium-low heat ) .

2. Add in seafood of your choice and bring to boil , then add in cooked rice . Cook for another 3 minutes with medium-low heat .  Add in salt and stir well . Dish up and sprinkle some cheese powder and pepper  .

** Traditional risotto is using uncook rice .