Friday, 11 October 2013

草莓大福 ~ Strawberry Daifuku ( いちご大福 )

食谱取自 : Just One cookbook


材料 :
草莓 6
红豆泥馅 150g
糯米粉 100g
细砂糖 20g


1. 草莓切掉顶部,抹干。

2.红豆泥馅分成6分。再包裹住1颗草莓, 但记得要让草莓尖端露出约1/3,不要全部都被馅料包住了.

3. 将水倒入锅中架上蒸笼后,加热煮至滚沸,将糯米粉,与水拌成面糊后放入蒸笼内,以大火蒸约20分钟至熟。

4 .

5. 面团分成六分。先将双手沾上少许太白粉后,在手上压成圆饼。放上草莓豆沙馅,再整成圆尖形即可。

Recipe source : Just One cookbook

Strawberry Daifuku  ( いちご大福 )

6 Strawberries
150g  sweet red bean paste
100g  glutinous rice flour
20g  sugar
150ml water
Corn starch for dusting


1. Hull the strawberries and dry completely with paper towel. Divide sweet red bean paste into 6 same size balls. Anko gets sticky on your hands, so wash your hands and dry completely each time you make a ball

2.Wrap the strawberries with sweet red bean paste . Leave the tip of the strawberry uncovered. Wash your hands and dry completely each time you wrap a strawberry with red bean paste .

3. In a  bowl, mix glutinous rice flour ,sugar and water  with a whisk. Using a silicone spatula, stir until the mixture has reached a thick consistency. Steam the mixture for 20minutes or until cooked and translucent .

4. Sift corn starch on the tray and put the mochi on top.

5. Divide the mochi into 6 equal pieces.Put some corn starch on your hands and flatten and expand each mochi into a 3” round or square. Then put the anko covered strawberry on top of it, with the tip facing down.Start covering the strawberry from all sides and use your thumb to hold the mochi on top.

6Serve at room temperature and they must be consumed within 2 days

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