Thursday, 24 October 2013

桂花马蹄卷 ~ water chestnut with osmanthus rolls

桂花 /osmanthus ~
食谱取自 名食谱,第66


材料 (A)
桂花   1/2小匙
细砂糖   70g
麦芽糖   1 大匙
清水  225ml

材料 (B)
马蹄粉    60g
薯粉   20g                  
鲜橙汁   70g ( 我用10ml柠檬汁+60ml )








Recipe source : Famous cuisine @ no . 66

Water chestnut with osmanthus rolls

Ingredients (A) :
Osmanthus  1/2tsp
Caster sugar 70g
Malt sugar  1tbsp
Water 225ml

(B) :
water chestnut flour  60g
tapioca flour 20g
fresh orange juice 70ml I used 10ml freshly squeeze lemon juice + 60ml water

Method :

1. Add dried osmanthus , caster sugar and malt sugar in water then heat up at low heat for 10 minutes until sugar is completely dissolved . Remove from heat .

2. Mix all ingredient (B) until well combined and become smooth batter . Add into (1) , mix well and stir over low heat until mixture slightly thicken .

3. Spoon 2 tbsp of mixture into a greased plate and spread it evenly .

4. Steam it over preheated steamerfor 3 minutes over medium-high heat .Repeat with the remainng batter .

5. Remove from heat , leave to cool for 3 minutes then gently roll it up . Cut and serve .