Monday, 5 August 2013

绿茶豆腐花 ~ Green Tea Tau Fu Fa@Tofu Pudding

食谱取自 : Jessie-Cooking Moments

甜豆浆水   600ml
绿茶粉      1.5茶匙
燕菜粉      1/2茶匙 我放1茶匙)
红豆沙      4 ~ 5汤匙

1. 甜豆浆水和绿茶粉放在搅拌机里打至均匀。

2. 在蜗里,倒入绿茶豆浆水和燕菜粉。以中小火煮至起泡泡,熄火倒入碗或杯子里。

3. 放在冰箱冷藏数小时。配上红豆沙和桂花享用。
Sweetened Soy Milk    600ml
Green Tea Powder      1.5tsp
Agar-agar Powder      1/2tsp ( I put 1tsp )
Red Bean Paste          4-5tbsp
Dried Osmanthus Flower  , to garnish (optional)

1. Place soy milk and green tea powder in a blender. Whiz to mix well.

2. Pour the green tea soy milk into a saucepan. Add agar-agar powder. Stir to cook over low-medium heat until bubbles start showing up around the edges.  Remove from heat & pour into a heavy bowl or some glasses. Spoon out bubbles & leave to cool down completely.

3. Refrigerate for few hours.  Serve cold with red bean paste & dried osmanthus flower.

This dessert can only be served cold because of the use of agar-agar powder.