Thursday, 1 August 2013

自制姜糖 ~ Home-made ginger candy


Ingredients :
Young ginger    250g
Sugar                        500g ( I reduce it to 100g of brown sugar and  50g of caster sugar ,and the candy are very “dark “ in colour …. Hahaha )
Water               500ml
Salt                   1/8 teaspoon
Extra caster sugar     50g
Method :
1. Ginger washed and peeled . Cut into small cube.
2. In a small pot , add in 500ml water and ginger cubes  . Bring to boil ,turn off heat and simmer with lid on for 10minutes . Drain out water . Repeat step (2) 3 to 4 times .
3. Add in sugar ,salt , 500ml water and ginger cubes .Bring to boil again .Turn off heat . With the lid on , keep it overnight .
4. Drain out ginger syrup . Bake the ginger candy at 90°C , about 60minutes until dry .
5. In a glass jar , put some sugar and  ginger candy . Cover it with lid and shake until all sugar coated on the candy .
** The ginger syrup can use to make sweet soup . It taste nice !