Tuesday, 23 July 2013

吉兰丹美食~ Kuih akok kedut

5 eggs
200 ml coconut milk
140 ml water
130 gram palm sugar / gula Melaka
35 gram flour
3 screwpine leaves / daun pandan, knotted
¼ tsp salt


Method :
1. Put sugar in a saucepan together with water and knotted pandan/screwpine leaves. Cook until sugar dissolved. Remove the pandan leaves and sift the syrup and let it cool.

2. In a blender blend eggs, coconut milk, flour, salt and palm sugar water until well combined. Sift the batter to remove any lumps.

3. Heat up the oven at 200c . Oil a 12 holes muffin pan and heat in the oven until very hot.

4. Remove the muffin pan from the oven and quickly.