Friday, 19 July 2013

Penang Hoon Kuih

食谱取自 : Table for 2 .....or more

Hoon Kuih
Syrup : 糖水 :
250ml water 水250ml
3 blades of pandan , shredded 3片班兰叶,打结
130gm sugar 糖130g

Flour mixture : 粉浆 :
50g mung bean starch / green bean flour 绿豆粉 50g
250ml water 水250ml
1 small drop pink colouring 粉红色素 1滴

Method :
1. Combine ingredients for syrup and bring to boil . Lower to a simmer for 10 minutes , lid on .
( 将糖浆材料煮滚。转小火,加盖再煮10分钟 )。

 2. Combine ingredients for flour mixture . Stir it well .Wet a 6 inch square or round pan .Shake off the water .( 粉浆材料拌搅均匀。6寸圆型/方型模涂上少许油 - 我没涂油哦!)。

 3. When the syrup has done boiling , remove the pandan shreds and then pour in the flour mixture , stir immediately and bring it back to a gentle boil. The mixture should have some small bubbles in it and has turned translucent .( 拿掉班兰叶。把糖浆倒入粉浆里,搅拌均匀。然后再煮至透明状。)。

 4.Pour this into the prepared pan , shake it left and right to level .Chill until set , cut and serve 。( 倒入已涂油的模,待冷和凝固就可以了)。